Selecting A Natural Skin Care Product

When it comes to skin, most people will spare no expense to make sure that it looks soft, smooth and as blemish clear as possible. However, when it comes to the choices for most women, and a lot of men, the mere magnitude of skin care products on shelves in Natural Health Stores, drug stores and cosmetic counters can be mind-boggling. When it comes to skin care, most women agree that they don’t want to be slathering on a lot of extra oils or chemicals, whether for facial needs or the rest of their bodies. More women these days are leaning toward products that prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging, but regardless, many products are being marketed today that contain all natural skin care product essentials. What, exactly, are those essentials? Start with the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to stay healthy, hydrated and clean. The more you know about basic ingredients, the better off you’ll be when it comes to finding just the right skin care product to suit your needs, whether those needs include oily skin, dry skin, or a skin condition such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or occasional yet frustrating rashes. Different skin types call for different ingredients, and knowledge, as we all know, is information. Basically, anything that is grown in the ground, on a plant, tree or flower can be considered a natural product. So can things found in the ocean or in other bodies of water, with or without salt. But just how far do you go to find an all-natural product to use on your skin? Would you go outside and peel the bark off your neighbor’s birch tree to get to some of the sap underneath? No? Well, you might if you knew that birch tree sap is known as a perfect astringent and has plenty of antibacterial properties. Still, do you go really natural, or do you purchase items from the store that have some of the more common natural ingredients in them? That choice is an individual one, but nevertheless, one that requires a bit of homework. Knowing what a product can do is different than what it will do if mixed wrong, or in combination with other ingredients, either natural or otherwise. Deciding on how far you want to go with a natural skin care product is up to the level of your interest and determination. Another example is the aloe plant. The juice from this cactus has been known for hundreds of years to provide relief from cuts, burns, bruises and scrapes. Breaking a limb from the plant and rubbing the juice from it directly onto the skin may be a little slimy, but its healing properties are known and understood and accepted in most medical circles. When applied directly to facial skin, it can increase healing and provide wonderful moisturizing and emollient abilities. Still, some people don’t have the space, or the dirt, to grow their own aloe vera plants and prefer to purchase a cream or ointment with aloe vera listed as one of its prime ingredients. Keep in mind however, that the closer to nature that you stay, the more benefits you’ll get from an all-natural product. Sure, finding some ingredients may be a little challenging, but there’s no doubt that these products have been gathered and used for hundreds, and even thousands of years, by some cultures around the world. You think they knew what they were doing back then? You bet they did.

Why You Should Use a Natural Skin Care Product

Human beings are vain by nature. We want to look youthful, healthy and sexy. One of the best ways to achieve that is by taking care of ourselves and our skin. One of the best ways of looking after your skin is by using a natural skin care product. However, some consumers are unable to discern between products that use natural ingredients and those that don’t. A natural skin care product should use as many natural ingredients as possible. It should not contain any harmful chemicals. It should also refrain from using dioxane, mineral oils, manmade fragrances, parabens and alcohols to name a few. Some of these ingredients can be harmful to your skin. They may clog your pores and suffocate your skin. Other may make your skin more vulnerable to germs and viruses. Some of these ingredients may even cause cancer if used in large doses for prolonged periods of time. A natural skin care product should not contain any harmful chemicals or substances that could be bad for your health, or skin. A natural skin care product should use collagen, elastin, phytessence wakame and CoQ10 as its ingredients. Collagen and elastin are naturally occurring proteins that are produced by our bodies. The proteins keep our skin taunt, smooth and wrinkle-free. Unfortunately, as we age, we start to lose these proteins. To solve this problem, we should use products that have collagen and elastin in them. Phytessence wakame is an ingredient found in exotic sea kelp from Japan. This ingredient helps to protect the elastic and collagen fibers in your skin. CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is a powerful antioxidant that counters cell-damaging free radicals. An excellent natural skin care product may even use an ingredient called Cynergy TK. Cynergy TK is a cutting edge ingredient that stimulates the body’s collagen production. Unfortunately, the presence of these ingredients is not enough to guarantee success. There are many products that claim to contain these ingredients, but what these products fail to mention is that these ingredients are present in low concentrations. Do not be fooled by products that proudly wave this list of ingredients as the presence of these ingredients may be so miniscule in content that their effects are negligible. Before purchasing a natural skin care product, examine not only the type of ingredients found in the product, but also degree in which they are present. Modernity has place a great strain on our health and skin. As we live longer, Time becomes more brutal in revealing our age. Thankfully, we can always turn to a natural skin care product to help us maintain and rejuvenate our skin. The industrial concrete jungle we have built for ourselves already pollutes the environment with harmful chemicals and unnatural substances. We should not exacerbate the situation by applying harmful and potentially dangerous chemicals to our skin. The next time you feel the need to develop a young, healthy, radiant appearance, consider using a natural skin care product to help you turn back the hands of time.

How To Discover The Best Natural Product For Adhd

Find the right treatment for ADHD can be crucial, with each individual varying in response it is usually wise not to limit your treatments solely to medication, but to also consider if natural products for ADHD could be beneficial too. Physicians can readily prescribe medications, but these can come with side effects and tend to mask symptoms rather than treat them. This is where herbs and other natural products can act as a complementary option. So, which is the best natural product for ADHD? Parents need to decide and evaluate the best medications for their child. Stimulant medications can offer a quick fix and parents can be placed under pressure by schools and doctors to accept them as treatment options. However, there are some undesirable side effects associated with prescription stimulants so reviewing the alternatives could offer another way to manage behaviors and effectively reduce or eliminate the need for reliance on prescription drugs. Adderall and Ritalin are some of the most commonly used prescription medication. They stimulate the activity of the brain, helping a child to concentrate and reduce hyperactivity. However, there are also herbs that have similar effects of these prescription drugs; this can be a part of a good natural treatment for ADHD. Here are some of the herbs being useful and alternatives to treat children with ADHD. Brahmi • A type of herb which is long known to improve logical reasoning, it can enhance learning abilities. According to researchers, it gives another healthy benefit of helping protect the brain from damage and free radicals. Ginkgo biloba • This is used to generate a better flow of the blood to the brain. This can also enhance neurotransmitters, aiding the brain to focus better and improve memory. Centella Asiatica • Also known as Gotu Kola, this is also a natural ingredient which has shown to reduce anxiety, and boost brain functions and memory. Researchers also found out that they can enhance the flow of blood to the brain and improve circulation. Siberian Ginseng • Another natural product to treat ADHD. Its use is to enhance endurance and improve concentration. This herb can moderate body energy being released, normalizing body functions. With similar effects, Panax Ginseng can be used to reduce stress, bolster the immune system and reduce stress, increase motivation and normalize body functions. There are also a number of natural products that have combined these and other ingredients into one supplement that are designed to reduce ADHD symptoms. You’ll find these online and also at your local health store. For more tips and advice on choosing a natural product for ADHD treatment sign up for the free newsletter below Before introducing any of these best natural product for ADHD it is important to consult your physician. There may be some interactions between the natural products and any prescribed medications or pre-existing medical conditions.

Is That Natural Skin Care Product Really Natural?

The cosmetic industry relies heavily on the term “Natural”. It sounds good and makes us think of rose petals, rainwater and scented herbs. After all if it’s a natural skin care product it must be good to use on your skin? Most people think a product labelled as natural has no chemical ingredients. Unfortunately there are many natural skin and hair care products that contain a multitude of chemical ingredients, such as preservatives, perfumes and emulsifiers, with maybe a trace of a few herbs or vitamins thrown in just to make them “legal”. Most people don’t react to chemicals in cosmetics, but for those who are prone to allergic reactions, the consequences can be alarming and even life threatening. Chemical molecules are easily absorbed through the skin. Although our bodies can usually process and eliminate these substances quite effectively, we live in an age of pollution and breathe in enough toxins without rubbing them into our skin! These toxic chemicals can cause an excess of free radicals in our systems. This can damage our organs, particularly the liver and kidneys, and put our immune system under stress. There are no guarantees even a natural cosmetic will not cause an allergic reaction, especially if your skin is very sensitive. For example Lanolin is found in many “home made” cosmetics. It’s a natural product which is obtained from sheep’s wool. Lanolin can contain allergens and possibly fertilizers and pesticides as well, all which can be absorbed by our skin. How can we guard against allergens and toxins in the cosmetics we buy? One thing to do is to read the label to make sure there are not too many ingredients in that bottle or jar. The more ingredients a product contains, the greater the chance that your skin isn’t going to like one of them! What should we look for in a natural cosmetic? Essential oils are usually safe for most people, they also have some great skin benefits. Oils from fruits and nuts are ok as are any cereals eg oats. Alpha Lipoic Acid sounds alarming but is actually quite safe. Aloe vera and tea tree oil are harmless and beneficial. What to avoid? Well the list is as long as your arm but here’s just a few: Tetra Sodium EDTA, Isopropyl Myristate, Propolene Glycol, Sodium Laurel Sulphate and Phenoxyethanol. While these may not cause any problems for most people, a build up over time could be a problem. Remember many natural skin care products won’t have the same keeping power as their chemical counterparts so keep them in the fridge to prolong shelf life.

Natural Beauty Has New Meaning When You Choose A Natural Skin Care Product

Every day there is a new health warning cautioning against the very products that make our lives easier. It seems that convenience could be killing us and killing the environment. Now that health food stores and organic markets are becoming more and more common, it is getting easier on consumers to find natural alternatives to the harmful chemical products that have been traditionally used. Or has it? Trying new products can be a bit of a gamble. Because the market for natural goods is still relatively young, a lot of the name brands are unknown to consumers and this can lead to confusion and anxiety over which products are the best. For example, consider a natural skin care product; these products are fast becoming popular, but which ones are the best and what are the actual benefits? Someone who is not using a natural skin care product is using one filled with harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes, and toxic dyes. Research now shows that the chemical ingredients found in cosmetics and other toiletries can lead to severe allergic reactions in users. In addition, these products, which are meant to provide users with a youthful appearance, are actually having the opposite effect. The chemicals often cause dry, itchy and irritated skin which exacerbates wrinkles and speeds the effects of aging. Now consumers have an alternative to the harsh chemical products. Many natural skin care product lines have been on the market for several years, but are really picking up in popularity now. These products provide the desired effects without the allergic reactions and irritations. An added benefit is that the natural products are not just good for the body; they are also good for the environment too. Unlike their chemical counterparts, natural products are produced from organic ingredients using methods that respect sustainable manufacturing practices. Shopping for a natural skin care product used to be limited to a few choices on the shelves. People can now find natural alternatives for every beauty product they have ever used. These include natural moisturizers for all skin types, acne prevention products, and even wrinkle defense creams. In addition, there are also entire companies devoted to natural cosmetics, allowing women to love the environment and their skin while still wearing foundations, concealers, eye shadows, and bronzers. The choices are endless. All these options can sometimes become overwhelming for a consumer. They may feel confused by the sheer magnitude of product types and not know where to begin. It is important to do some research first. A great place to start is with Live Earth Friendly, a website that provides information about the dangers of chemical products and the benefits of natural ones. In addition to educating the public on why to purchase natural items, Live Earth Friendly also provides a Products Section for help in selecting the best natural products to suit any lifestyle.